Why VertiCrop™ Vertical Farming?

Designed to grow in any climate and with an exceptionally small footprint in urban environments.
VertiCrop™ Vertical Farming uses a fraction of the resources needed for field agriculture, while generating substantially higher yields.


  • Provides higher quality produce with greater nutritional value and a longer shelf life
  • No need for the use of harmful herbicides or pesticides


  • Significantly reduces transportation distance, thereby reducing cost, energy and carbon footprint


  • Able to grow over 80 varieties of leafy greens, microgreens and strawberries
  • Works on non-arable lands and close to major markets or urban centres
  • Scalable from small to very large food operations




  • Yields are approximately 20 times higher than the normal production volume of field crops
  • VertiCrop™ requires only 8% of the normal water consumption used to irrigate field crops
  • High levels of food safety due to the enclosed growing process
  • Significant operating and capital cost savings over field agriculture


VertiCropTM is a high density, fully automated, closed loop conveyer hydroponic vertical farming system.
In a 50-foot by 75-foot space, there are 120 racks with 24 growing trays on each rack which produces as much food as a 16-acre farm.
The vertical farming technology grows plants in a suspended tray system moving on an overhead conveyor system.
Each rack moves around the greenhouse in a computer-operated environment which controls room temperature, lighting, fertilization, irrigation and recapturing of the water being used.
The system is designed to provide maximum sunlight and precisely the correct nutrients to each plant.  Ultraviolet light and filter systems exclude the need for herbicides and pesticides.
The irrigated water is recaptured, recycled and purified, thereby using 90% less water than conventional field farming as it is not sprayed out to the field which is soaked into the earth.
When it’s time to harvest, the VertiCropTM vertical farming system efficiently brings the crop to the worker.
The produce is handpicked at the peak of freshness without the loss of any vitamins, minerals or nutrients and can be delivered the same day to local restaurants and grocers.
Environmental pollution and transportation costs are greatly reduces as “farm-to-fork” can be within a few kilometres vs. a few hundred or thousands of kilometres.

Watch this video to learn more about the VertiCropTM Vertical Farming System

Rooftop greenhouse in downtown Vancouver BC Canada located on top of a parkade.

The result of vertical farming in downtown Vancouver:
Local Gardens Rooftop Blend of leafy greens!